The bigger the dream, the more important the team


Emma Murdock, founder & Certified professional dog trainer of Walk With Me Ottawa

WWMO was born from my love of the outdoors and my passion for dogs.


I've been living life with dogs since I was in diapers. I would shred through the knees of all my snow-pants crawling around pretending, thinking, believing and hoping that I was or could be a dog. I remember the precise moment when I was told for my eighth birthday that I would be getting my own puppy. A farm collie mix that I named Rosebud (after the chocolates!) She lived 16 happy years with me and my family.

Essentially, two things led me to this business: I was tired of having to spend my days indoors and there is nothing I love more than going for a walk with my dog. So, I decided to start a dog walking business because I am so incredibly passionate about dogs and their happiness and I love being outdoors. Simple. I have since fallen in love with building businesses and plan to continue building more in years to come. Our next big venture is Lost & Hound- a lost dog recovery service (

I pride myself in learning all there is to know about our canine companions. Nutrition, medical, psychological/behavioural etc. I strive to learn as much as I possibly can so I can share my knowledge with my awesome clients! Every dog teaches me something new both about myself and dogs in general!! We truly believe in creating the best experience for your dog! I frequent numerous dog training seminars and workshops each year as well as attend the annual IACP (international association of canine professionals) conference in the USA. 

Certifications/workshops/continuing education:

Duke Ferguson Shadow Program June 2018
Trainers United Summit July 2016 + July 2017
IACP conference Sept 2016 LA, CA. +  Sept 2017 St Louis, MO. + Sept 2018 St Pete Beach, FL.
Large Field Socialization with Jason Vasconi- Oct 2018
Nelson Hodges Relationship Based Behaviour Modification Oct 2016 + Oct 2017
Chad Mackin- Dogmanship and Socialization June 2017
Tracking at Best Friends
Agility at Best Friends
Rally O at Best Friends
Barn Hunt at Ferghus and Co.

My dog Crickett has her Canine Good Neighbour, Novice and Intermediate Trick Titles, Rally Novice Title and legs towards Barn Hunt, Brush Hunt and Obedience.