What areas do you service?

We have 18 full time walkers. We service all of Ottawa from Orleans to Stittsville, and from Barrhaven to the Ottawa River. Stittsville, Kanata North/South, Barrhaven, Riverside South, Manotick, Alta Vista, Glebe, Centretown, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, Overbrook, Vanier, New Edinburgh, Rockcliffe, Manor Park, Beacon Hill, Orleans, Westboro, Hintonburg, Little Italy, Nepean, Bayshore, Hunt Club, etc. If its not listed, shoot us a message and we most likely cover it! We do not currently service the Quebec side but we are working on it! 

Do you pick the dog up while we're not home? Do you require a key?

Yes. We will pick your dog up between 930-1130am and transport them to the park with their friends. We require two keys (one for head office and one for your walker) or a garage code as well as any alarm codes you may have. 

How Do we pay for services?

Billing is sent biweekly via email and payment can be made via interac e transfer, credit card or cheque. If you wish to leave a tip, please give it directly to your walker rather than adding it to your payment. 

Don't the dogs run away when they're off leash?  do you walk in fenced in only parks?

This is one of our most common questions and the answer is no! Most owners that sign their dogs up for our group walks already take their dogs to parks and off leash. Dogs are pack animals and don't want to be alone. We typically start new dogs on a long line to ensure we can recall them back, and we work on it everyday with positive reinforcement and consistency. Once we establish reliable name recognition and recall with the long line, we graduate them to leash free but are ready to use the long line at any point if the recall is lacking. The power of the pack is amazing and the newbies learn really fast from the other doggos.  

What age can my puppy join group walks?

We start puppies on group walk at 16 weeks or when they've finished their vaccination series. We find this is the optimal time to start because they develop excellent recall and social skills as well as confidence with dogs of all shapes, & sizes. They also become accustomed to car rides and various people, sights and sounds. Puppies aren't initially confident enough to wander too far away, so it's a great opportunity to establish a bond with their walker and reinforce recall training. Dogs that start as puppies are typically our best behaved clients :)

Where do you take the dogs for their group off leash adventures?

We own 15 acres of untouched wilderness in Dunrobin with a bubbling brook, beautiful views, forest trails and a field. Some of our walkers also go to Conroy Pit, Stittsville Park, Bruce Pit & Lemieux Island. 

How many dogs do you take at a time?

We take up to 6 dogs at a time to public parks, but on private land we take up to 10 dogs depending on the pack dynamic, the walker's experience and their vehicle set up etc. 

What do you mean by "training focused"?

We ensure that dogs are calm and in control for the duration of their walk. They still get to run and play but we ensure they have an "off switch". We practice manners at all thresholds (coming out of crates, walking through doorways, getting into and out of the car etc). We don't tolerate jumping, humping, pulling or any bullying behaviour from the dogs. We practice sit stays and down stays at the park (and have photos to prove it!). We also teach puppies to respect thresholds, walk politely on leash and learn to keep four paws on the floor! This applies to all of our services, including in home boarding! Its sort of a mini "board and train".