We are Ottawa's leading dog training,
boarding and walking service

It's about creating the best experience for your dog 


Certified Professional Dog Trainers & Walkers

We play. We run. We wag

What Makes WWMO so unique?

We offer professional dog training, walking, boarding, & puppy services throughout Ottawa, Ontario.
We are fully insured & bonded, we are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid
and have extensive experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds. 

We own 2 parcels of private property in Dunrobin.
46 and 15 acres of untouched wilderness complete with
waterfalls, forest trails and fields. 


Our Philosophy

We teach your dog how to make good choices. 
Dogs thrive on the mental and physical stimulation that walking and exploring provides.
Walking with a pack is a natural instinct for dogs that helps them to expel excess energy, learn proper socialization skills and keep their body and mind healthy and balanced.

Insured & Bonded

Fully insured and bonded to keep your dog & your property safe and sound. 

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Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

Pet First Aid & CPR Certified so you can be assured your pet is in safe hands! 

Knowledge, Experience  & Caring

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We have a lifetime of experience with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. We will love your dog as much as your dog loves you! 


Follow us on instagram @walkwithmeottawa to see all your pup's pawsome adventures. Make sure to watch our stories! Your walker may also have their own instagram account for their pack walks.  (@walkwithmecarolina, @walkwithmc, @walkwithme.marisa, @walkwithlaurin, @wlakwithmefelicia, @walkwithmica, @walkwithkatie, @walkwithme_amanda, @wwmosue, @wwmo_devon, @walkwithme_linda, @walkwithmekelly @walkwithmekate @walkwithmelanie)