Off Leash Freedom

Wish your dog was reliable off leash?
Going on vacation and want to return to a happy obedient dog that is under control?
Are you a new mom with an out of control dog making your life even more stressful?
Wish you could trust that your dog would return to you when you call (the first time!)? 
Want to learn how to effectively train your dog so that they listen to you in high distraction environments?

We can help. 


Being able to have your dog reliable off leash is beneficial for so many reasons!!

Running your dog off leash and knowing that they will come back when you call is the most joyous feeling and we want to help you get there! There really is nothing better than hiking with your dog off leash, or playing fetch in the water, knowing and trusting that your dog wont take off and will respond to your recall 100% of the time! 

But hang tight, because this program is about more than just recall!!!

Obedience training is critical to clear communication and a solid relationship with your dog. 

Our training program is efficient, simple and results oriented. We focus on your dog's natural drives and instincts and use this to our benefit for training. 

We can work directly with you to train your dog one on one in private lessons over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Alternatively, we can take your dog and train it for you and teach you how to maintain the obedience and enhance your relationship. This is especially convenient if you're going on vacation or having renovations done at your house and need your dog to stay somewhere anyway! 

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