Our Philosophy


Want to be able to take your dog anywhere? Want your dog to be involved in everyday aspects of your life without the stress of bad behaviour or unpredictable disobedience? Want reliable recall in off leash settings?

We offer one on one in home private training for clients as well as board and trains. We specialize in manners and good behaviour as well as puppy training.

We specialize in off leash reliaility, puppy training and teaching your dog to be the best they can be. This means no counter surfing, polite manners with guests, recall and more!

We believe in training each dogs as an individual and as such, we don't categorize ourselves as a specific type of trainer. We use everything from clickers to remote collars, food, long lines, Halti's, slip leads and prong collars. We work with the dog in front of us and whatever makes the client most comfortable and successful. We are results oriented!


More than teaching your dog what NOT to do, we also want to teach your dog how to be a good canine citizen! Let's teach them how to be the best dog's they can be! Life is so much better when your dog can be involved in everyday life- and a well behaved dog get's to be involved in your life.