Puppy Boarding School

This program consists of 24 hour care in our home. 

During the program, your puppy will learn:
-markers (good, yes, no, free)
-how to be a good companion
-leash walking
-puppy play manners
-impulse control
-commands (sit, down, climb, recall, heel position)
-how to be comfortable resting in a crate. 

 We will also work on your pup's body awareness, coordination, confidence and athletic skills. We will also teach you how to be an effective teacher for your puppy. 

One go home session is included in the 14 day program and will be conducted on the last day of the program. 

Two go home sessions are included in the 30 day program. One will take place at the 2 week mark and the other on the last day of the program. All go home sessions will take place in your home.