Your dog doesn't like getting left behind. 

Let us help.

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Your dog will be out of the house for a total of 2-4 hours which make this the perfect solution if your dog is high energy & social.  Not only will they get an hour long hike, but also the mental stimulation of being out of the house and in the company of other dogs during that 2-4hr period. 

Your dog must be reliable off leash and good with dogs/people/in the car. 

We own two parcels of property: 15 acres of untouched wilderness with fields, forest and waterfall streams and 46 acres of farm land in Dunrobin.

Our walkers also frequent public parks like Stittsville dog park, Conroy Pit, David Bartlett and Lemieux island.

5 days a week:
$20.00 plus HST per walk

3 days a week:
$22.00 plus HST per walk

2 days per week:
$24.00 plus HST per walk

Additional dog (same household) 50% reg. rate




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Puppies have small stomachs and even smaller bladders.

Even though they sleep for hours every day, puppies get bored & lonely.

And that can get messy.

Don't fret about leaving your puppy at home all day while you're at work.

Puppy visits are 30 minutes in length and include a feeding, a potty break, playtime, clean up of any messes, basic training/manners and cuddles.

Trust us, it's a win-win-win. 

One visit a day:
$20 plus HST

Two visits a day:
$30 plus HST




If you're dog doesn't get along well with others, or isn't the greatest off leash, but still needs the mental and physical stimulation of a mid day walk, then a private walk is a good choice.

Your beloved dog will take tour around the neighbourhood with one of our qualified walkers. We may even bring a doggy companion along if your pup likes company. 




30 minute private walk:
$25 plus HST

60 minute private walk
$35 plus HST

Additional dog (same household) 50% reg. rate. 

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All of our walkers can be reached throughout the day via phone, text or email, so your mind can rest at ease if you need a instant update. They have their own Instagram accounts as well so you can follow along daily :)