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The bigger the dream, the more important the team


Emma Murdock, founder & professional dog trainer


WWMO was born from my love of the outdoors and my passion for dogs.

I've been living life with dogs since I was in diapers. I would shred through the knees of all my snow-pants crawling around pretending I was a dog. I remember the precise moment when I was told for my eighth birthday that I would be getting my own puppy. A farm collie mix that I named Rosebud (after the chocolates!) She lived 16 happy years with me and my family.

Essentially, two things led me to this business: I was tired of having to spend my days indoors and there is nothing I love more than going for a walk with my dog. So, I decided to start a dog walking business because I am so incredibly passionate about dogs and their happiness and I love being outdoors.
I have since fallen in love with training dogs and their owners to help them to live more fulfilling lives. I also pride myself in providing this amazing workplace for passionate dog people like myself.

I strive to learn all I can about our canine companions. I invest a significant amount of money and time attending seminars, workshops and conferences each year to improve my skills and broaden my network. We are in it for the dogs, but this industry is really about the people and making their lives better. Expanding your network and working with like minded individuals is so fulfilling and truly helps you be the best that you can be.



  • CKC Obedience

  • Barnhunt

  • Tracking

  • IPO

  • Agility

  • Scentwork

  • Rally Obedience

  • Herding

Qualifications & Certifications:

  • Duke Ferguson Unleashed Potential School for Dog Trainers June 2018 - the only government approved dog training school in Canada

  • NePoPo with Pat Stuart of Operant Canine April 2019

  • Trainers United Summit July 2016 + July 2017

  • IACP Conference Sept 2016 LA, CA. +  Sept 2017 St Louis, MO. + Sept 2018 St Pete Beach, FL. (International Association of Canine Professionals)

  • Large Field Socialization with Jason Vasconi- Oct 2018

  • Nelson Hodges Relationship Based Behaviour Modification Oct 2016 + Oct 2017

  • Chad Mackin- Dogmanship and Socialization June 2017


Dinsdale Devil’s Little Bug
(Canine Good Neighbour, Tricks Intermediate, Rally Novice, Advanced Barn Hunt, Novice Brush Hunt, Companion Dog-novice obedience)

My dog Crickett attained five performance titles in the first five months of competing. She is a Standard Schnauzer and was born on Christmas Day 2014.

We continue to work towards further titles in CKC Obedience, Scentwork, Barnhunt, IPO and Rally Obedience.

Crickett is the perfect dog to assist with our work as trainers because she knows how to read and respond to every type of dog. She’s amazing at bringing certain dogs out of their shell, or appropriately correcting the ones that need it.

I trust her in every situation and love that I can take her anywhere with me. She has driven across the country with me to Missouri, Florida and PEI and we will be driving to Colorado next year! She is well known and beloved by some of the top trainers in the industry.
Bart Bellon took one look at her and said “Now that is how a dog should be.”

We also have retired Old Man George who is 12 years old and lives to eat and sleep. He mostly hangs around at home but still likes to come on hikes everyday!
Coming October 2019- Male Giant Schnauzer pup from Firezone Giant Schnauzers in Baltimore, MD


Carolina Virgilio, professional dog trainer

“I've had dogs my whole life. But everything changed with my Bernese Mountain Dog that turned out to be dog & human reactive. 

After going through one year of purely positive training, I knew that I needed more to be able to train him for real life, so I started to learn from trainers that inspired me all over the world.

Once I achieved results with my own dog, I wanted to help other people struggling with their dogs and help them rebuild their relationships just like I had done. I knew I had to work with different dogs and behaviours, so the first thing I did was to volunteer in Brazil with a rescue shelter to help dogs to be more suitable for adoption.

In 2017, my husband and I decided to move to Canada, and that was the perfect opportunity to follow my dream of working with dogs full-time and to further my knowledge since we have access to so many great workshops near us. I met Emma at the Trainers United Workshop and she hired me on as a dog walker. I have since become a full time dog trainer with the company.”


Qualifications & Certifications:

- NePoPo Seminar by Pat Stuart of Operant Canine - April 2019

- Large Field Socialization with Jason Vasconi - October 2018

- Nelson Hodges Relationship Based Behaviour Modification - October 2017

- Trainer’s United Summit - July 2017

- Scent detection workshop - Bocalan (Pedro Salas) - September 2016 (Brazil)

- Leash handling course - Academia Canina - August 2016 (Brazil)

We currently have three dog walkers doing our apprentice dog trainer program to become professional trainers themselves.
We have three more walkers on the wait list to enter the apprentice program.