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“Genuine training is about freedom. Freedom for both ourselves and our dogs to enjoy each other , enhancing our relationship by allowing their potential to blossom.”-Monks of New Skete

Our training philosophy:

We are motivational positive first dog trainers. We are well versed in a variety of training methods and tools from clickers to remote collars and we understand that each dog is an individual that will respond to training differently. We have a solid understanding of canine learning theory and we are always striving to learn more by attending workshops, seminars, shadow programs and conferences by the industry’s leading professionals around the world. Read more about our qualifications & certifications here.

We focus on motivation, clarity, consistency & timing before using any pressure during training.

We work with all types of dogs-whether they are working dogs, competition dogs or family pets, we have experience with them all! We deal with all behaviour issues with the exception of human aggression— we will refer you to one of our amazing colleagues who specialize in it. Our specialty is teaching dogs to be reliable off leash and to make good choices for real world situations. We also have amazing puppy packages that will start you and your puppy off on the right paw. We are passionate about sport and performance dogs and we compete with our own dogs in various sports such as competition obedience, barn hunt, scent detection, rally obedience, tricks, and agility.


Under 5 months?

Perfect Puppy Package

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If you’re looking for basic puppy training, you’re in the wrong place. We don’t want you to spend your money on group classes that won’t get you to where you want to be. Anyone can teach a puppy to sit for a treat.
Our puppy program is UNIQUE and it gets your the Ultimate Dog.

We will help you get the dog of your dreams with our Perfect Puppy x Ultimate Dog training package.

Want to take your dog anywhere? Start here!
Whether you like camping, hiking, or urban living, this package is perfect for every canine and their handler.

Want a dog who listens to you? A dog that is happily obedient? A dog who can be trusted off leash, and walks well on leash? A well behaved dog when guests come to visit, or one you can bring to family dinners?
Our Perfect Puppy x Ultimate Dog package is for you.

In the beginning stage of the program, you and your puppy will learn:

  • manners & impulse control

  • confidence & stability

  • boundaries & behaviour markers

  • how to engage and interact together and with others

  • learning theory principles you can apply for the lifetime of your dog

We will set you up with:
Slip leash
Place board

Homework notes

Exclusive client Facebook group access
Lifetime access to our community pack walks

Once your puppy is older (6 months +) we enrol them in our Ultimate Dog program where we finish the process of helping you get your dream dog.
You can chose either the Ultimate Board and Train or Ultimate Privates.

Your dog will be fully off leash reliable, walk on a loose leash, interact appropriately with people and dogs and so much more!

Perfect Puppy x Ultimate Dog B&T Package
$3600 plus HST
All training equipment is included.
For puppies under 5 months, we start with a few private sessions
and then enrol pup into our Ultimate Dog boarding school

Perfect Puppy x Ultimate Dog Private Package
$1500 plus HST
All training equipment is included.
For puppies under 5 months, we start with a few private sessions to set the foundation
and then get rolling with the private sessions once they hit 6-7 months old.

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“Ted did BNT with Carolina and has made so much progress - he listens, understands rules, and the best part, now has an off switch! Being a well behaved dog allows him to come on even more adventures with us which makes both Ted and I happy.”

Over 5 months?

Ultimate Obedience Board and Train

This is our most popular training package. Getting the dog of your dreams doesn’t have to be impossible.


If you want a VERY well trained dog that you can take anywhere, this is the package for you.
Your dog will stay in our home for approximately 3-4 weeks while we train and socialize them.

This package will get your dog off leash trained and they will reliably understand place command, sit, down, loose leash walking, recall, kennel up etc. Your dog will be socialized with people and other dogs extensively as well as partake on field trips to practice their skills in public settings. This is the most efficient path to getting your Ultimate Dog!

Customized training can be included at no additional cost (ie. competition prep, treadmill training, swimming lessons, retrieval training etc). This program is tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs.

We include private training sessions with you so that you can learn to implement the training as well as ongoing support so that you can maintain your results. We also include lifetime access to our training pack walks and group classes that take place biweekly throughout Ottawa so you can maintain all your training. We will troubleshoot any issues you may have while you practice your dog’s new skills with other people and dogs.

-24/7 care in our home
-private sessions with you
-place board aka dog cot
-slip leash
-training tools
-homework videos
- access to our client facebook group
-unlimited access to training pack walks and group classes
-ongoing support

We train your dog for the real world. It’s time to invest in yourself and your dog!

Ultimate Dog package for dogs over 5 months
$3200-$3600 plus hst

Recall package $1800 plus hst


Ultimate Obedience Privates


This package involves personalized training sessions in your home spread out over a period of time.

That main difference between the board and train and the private lessons is that in the lessons, you must do the work and put in the repetitions. If you are a busy person, this may not be the package for you.

Typically, clients need 4-6 sessions depending on their goals or the issues they are dealing with. Sessions are usually spaced out between 1-3 weeks so that you have time to apply what you’ve learned and get the repetitions in. If you don’t do the work, we cannot proceed with the next lesson.

This package includes all the items listed in the board and train.

The private lesson package ranges from $900-$1200 plus HST.


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